'Returning the ear in Newcastle' was a sound walk and performance resulting from the exploration of Newcastle's soundscapes. A 40 minute silent soundwalk with participants was followed by a 20 minute performance at Northern Charter based on previously recorded and catalogued field recordings.

‘Returning the ear’ is an on-going collaboration with Tim Shaw, Newcastle based sound artist and scholar. The collaboration has resulted in a particular method for attending to, documenting and mediating the space through variety of sonic interventions. If traditionally the understanding of places and experiences they yield has been focused on their visual aspects, our approach attempts to bring attention to practices of listening and audio-recording seen (or heard) as at least equivalent forms of being in the world. We question and test diverse natures of listening and recording through performative walks within urban and rural spaces. Drawing on traditions of soundscape research, soundwalking, DIY technologies and experimental musical practices, our work engages with listening as a generative act in which spaces become open for diverse and experimental modes of attention and interpretation.

Below is the recording from the performance at Northern Charter, February 4, 8PM